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Model Book & Influencer Portfolios

Thank you for choosing MADEGRANDBYCAM for your Professional Model Book and Influencer Folio. Creating iconic looks that engage your audience is what we do. Make epic the common denominator for your image.


Create the Model Book that works for you with Cam Evans

“Loved this photoshoot with @madegrandbycam I learned so much from him when it comes to modeling and other photoshoots!”

Jessica McVey@JessMcVeyMusic

Whether you need a new

headshot or complete

portfolio makeover – we can create it.

Our studio has many production capabilities. So, we’re able to offer a wide array of photography and creative services. Cam cares most about creating great rapport and an energizing atmosphere for new and seasoned models. In our experience, the best images are a combination of preparation, creative chemistry, and serendipity. You’re going to have an amazing time making your professional model book.

To achieve greatness, MADEGRANDBYCAM offers three model photography shoots: Standard, Half-Day, and Full-Day. The shoots can be done in our Atelier, on-location throughout DFW, and/or travel photography tours. Our goal is to create diverse looks in each model photography shoot. We can achieve virtually anything we can imagine and more with this format.

Standard Model Shoot

  • 2.5 hours of production time
  • Produces five unique looks
  •  15-Second BTS Story
  • Folio Starts $900

Half-Day Model Shoot

  • 4.5 hours of production
  • Produces ten unique looks
  • 15-Second BTS Story
  • Folio Starts $1500

Full Day Model Shoot

  • 8.5+ hours of production
  • Produces 15-20 unique looks
  • 15-second BTS Story
  • 15-second Reel with cover image.
  • Folio Starts $3000
Influencer Portfolios & Professional Model Books

MADEGRAND creates building websites easier than ever before.

Amazing Collaboration

Cam loves working with people that push their limits. The shoot begins with a mood board and a shot list, but together we can make something new and epic.

Cover-Worthy Photography

We're not interested in making a lot of images. We are focused on making standout, scroll-stopping shots. That's cover-worthy.

Embrace Serendipity

We plan our shoots, but leave room for serendipitous events. We don't look for inspiration, we create the climate for inspired work flourish.

Your Story

What does your folio say about you...your story...your brand? Does the styling and artistry create desire to hire you? Let's upgrade your book!

Cinemagic Productions

Still and motion photography along with mixed reality co-exists in our suite of capabilities. Our model book productions are among the most extensive...and you're the feature!

Measure What Matters

Success is measured by engagement, conversions, and subscribership. This is a competitive business. Are you ready to Be Legendary!
Cover-worthy Images

Let’s create stunning, bold, and epic looks for your Model Book.

Insatiable Desire

Expand your brand, your influence, and your subscribership.

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Become the face of the brand or spokesperson for the event. Captivate every frame.

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