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Model Photography Mood Boards

Finding inspiration for model portfolio development doesn’t have to be hard. We’re sharing our photoshoot ideas and inspiration so that we can develop cover-worthy looks with you. Our goal is to transform our muse boards into published works.  Follow-us on Pinterest to continue your inspiration before and after your time with Cam Evans. Our Model Book Boards features inspiration pins for children, teens, women, men, fitness, and boomers. For our experimental shoots, visit Wellspring to see our vanguard projects.


Model Book & Look Development

Influencer Pre-Shoot Planning

How do you go from photoshoot inspiration ideas to model book portfolio? In short, we build our shoots with a plan. Once the mood boards are developed, resources, budget, and production schedules are developed. Typically, all of my influencer shoots are scheduled at least three-days in advanced. Some shoots are reserved months in advance. Our studio calendar is the bible. It ensures that all appropriate pre-production work is completed. Regardless of the creative direction, our shoots run smoothly and we produce the desired results.

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