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Build Your Model Book

Expand your influence! Get the Model Book to monetizes your brand with MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Let’s Shoot Your Epic Model Book

Welcome to the Model Book. I’m super thrilled that you are here to discover how to create a Model Portfolio that you will love!

Model Book Overview

Access resources to stay current on trends, opportunities, and the business of modeling. Here you can find a variety of resources to help you maximize your modeling career and produce content that gets you hired.

New resources are being added weekly to make this an essential destination for shoot preparation, production, and follow-up.

Model Book Guides

Posing + Expression

Model Posing Guide

A pose is far more than positioning the body. Every fiber of your being communicates a story. Don’t just pose. Juxtapose.

Makeup + Retouching

Model Artistry Guide

We are at an inflection point between Makeup Artistry & Retouching. Let’s elevate the state-of-our-art.

Styling + Looks

Model Style Guide

Lighting can make or break the image. Styling is key to creating a powerful story. Learn how to produce stylized portraiture.

Beyond the resources, MADEGRANDBYCAM keeps our inspirations for new shoots on our Pinterest Boards. Follow us on Pinterest and use our boards to plan shoots with CAM EVANS, MBA or as inspiration for your own shoots with other photographers.

Meet your Photographer

CAM EVANS, MBA is an award-winning, internationally published photographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Cam shoots with studio strobes and natural light portraits on-location and in studio. Level up your Model Book with iconic images.

Build a Professional Portfolio

The MODEL BOOK features content to help you with posing and expressions, makeup artistry and retouching, and styling and looks. These features are to help you get the most out of your shoot so that your portfolio stands out in a crowded model and social influencer market.

Influencer Folio Creative

MADEGRANDBYCAM is a full production studio. Update your model folio or completely re-imagine your brand with Cam. We create photography products that get you noticed and hired.

Get everything you need to create high-quality images: fashion stylist, hair stylist, makeup-artists, bodypainting artists, and production designers. Grow your influence and secure your bag!

Why Work With Cam Evans

  • Build your experience. Each stage of the shoot is crafted to ensure that the final digital prints are amazing.
  • Get vibrant images. You’ll have an opportunity to learn and push your own creative limits.
  • Expand your network. This is the creative relationship that you’ll treasure for years.
Stay Ahead of Crowd

Expand Your Influence

We publish our #madegrand projects in |nsights Magazine. You’ll also be able to see stories to keep you in the loop. Subscribe to |nsights or follow MADEGRANDBYCAM on social media to get notifications of new #madegrand Projects.

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MADEGRANDBYCAM has several brands that cast new talent for new looks, portfolio work, products, workshops, and events. You can check out past Model Book Castings and see future calls for talent right here.

Follow to theMODELBOOK to stay up-to-date on the latest events, resources, and news for Models #madegrand.

Professional Model Shoot Application

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