Looks are a combination of

Styling, Design, and beautifully

sculpted Light.

The difference is always in the details. As your modeling career expands, you’re going to see how production value impacts both still and motion photography. Our looks are epic because focus on wardrobe, production design, and light.

Each of these qualities can have incredible impact. Whether the approach is minimalism or over-the-top creative, it’s always the interplay and balance of these disciplines that makes the subjects role come to life and create desire.

Styling- Wardrobe

Costume design, textures, color palettes, fashion styling, body art and accessories all play an important role in creating an engaging story. Victory goes to the bold and daring.

Production Design

Whether we are creating a real world or a virtual world,  a scene to create desire or tension, production design invites the audience into the story. 

Sculpting Light

For the professional photographer, sculpted light is everything. For the professional model, light is your co-star in every frame.


Makeup + Retouching

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Breath Life

Posing + Expression

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