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made grand WEBINAR

Everything Made Grand — 10X or Die

Are you tired of playing marketing trends that don’t work? Learn and master the secrets to 10X growth in this webinar. Register now for Everything made grand for your business!

10X Growth or Nothing Webinar

Make excuses or make progress! You just can’t make both at the same time. Everything Made Grand reveals the 10X growth secrets from the digital marketing fraternity. Harness the framework for your business. Get the plan to execute sustained growth for your brand!

You’ll learn how to:

1️⃣ Create competition-free content from your customers

2️⃣ Automate your growth with integrated event-driven systems

3️⃣ Achieve your business goals with proven 10X Marketing Tactics


Get 10X Results with Your Marketing Expert

CAM EVANS is the Founder & CEO of MADEGRANDBYCAM. He graduated from the University of Texas with a
Masters in Business Administration, and from the Park University with a Bachelors of Science in
Management, concentrating in Computer Science and Information Systems.

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