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Get Started with Video Marketing

Increase Your Audience Engagement by Design

Don’t leave your business video marketing to amateurs. made grand Studios productions creates marketing and sales assets for your brand to generate leads and grow revenues. This ensures that your video content increases your  perceived value to your audience and delivers measurable results.
Your made grand Production Process:
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Marketing Integration

Transform Your Content Marketing with Video + Motion Brand Stories

Every piece of content produced augments your brand to achieve your goals. 

Video + Motion Pre-Production

Our pre-production process saves you time, money, and resources. We map out the entire shoot and develop a script to optimize your content production project.

End-to-End Video Production

We provide timelines for our Video + Motion Creative based on the style of video creative requested and pre-production needed.

Marketing and Sales Automation

Bring your video directly into your lead generation and marketing funnels with our CXM and website integration for your Digital Brand Experience.

Elevate Your Audience Engagement with Video-First Content Marketing

Cam Evans, MBA

Founder + CEO

Video has changed the landscape for content entrepreneurs and business owners. Over 80% of online traffic is video. That means your customers consume all kinds of vertical videos, long-form content, and immersive videos. Use our Video + Motion Production to keep your audience engaged, bolster your SEO traffic, and integrate with your CXM to generate more leads-to-customers.