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The Shift is underway. Can you feel it? We built Momentum™ Omnimedia (“Big Mⵙ”) as a destination channel experience for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.  Big Mⵙ is the hub for all MADEGRANDBYCAM content. We encourage you to subscribe, share, comment, and contribute to our channel. Welcome to the Big Mⵙ!





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Motion + Video

Fine Art Nude & Boudoir Photography Workshop

Learn the techniques to develop a stunning contemporary photography portfolio for women. Workshop experience covers everything from artistry to marketing.
Motion + Video

MADE GRAND Presents: Your Style! Your Memories! Your Brand!

Portfolio Reel: Your Style. Your Memories. Your Brand. I'm super thrilled to launch our new portfolio reel video for MADEGRANDBYCAM™.  This creative video is a testament. It represents the wonderful…
Branding + Strategy

With the Right Story, You Can Make People Believe Anything

Imagine the stories that brand managers could tell without ever shooting single piece of footage!


Cinemagic Brand Labs!

The next-generation of photography is created in the Cinemagic Brand Labs. We’re building new visual narratives and mixed reality experiences for digital natives. Our experiments and innovations are showcased here.


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