Headshot & Personal Branding Style Guide


Reveal Your Immortal Style.

Immortal Headshots don’t follow the conventions of traditional corporate headshots. Neither should you.

Immortal Style

Take your Immortal Headshot to a wholenuthalevel!

Immortal Branding Photoshoot Prep Guide

How to Prepare for a Personal Branding Photoshoot

1. What to Wear?

Bring the clothes that are appropriate to influence your audience. We encourage you to bring a range of different options that can be layered for styling.  Let your wardrobe reflect your personality and your story. There aren’t many wrong choices.  However, consider bringing a variety colors, cuts, and necklines.

Corporate and Group Headshots

For our Enclave clients, you should look to your corporate culture as a guide. Don’t wear a suit to your headshot if you don’t do business in a suit everyday. Our goal is to present authenticity in every image.


For eyeglass wearers, it’s best to bring anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses. If you have multiple frames, bring them. We can make adjustments to reduce glare in your images.

Her Styling

Women have the most options. Bring different styles of dresses , skirts, blouses, suits, jackets/blazer combinations. Heels are great for full-length shots. However, if you’re brand is more casual, bring a clean pair of sneakers.

His Styling

The modern man is style savvy. Bring a sportscoat, a suit, shirt & tie, or t-shirt if appropriate for your brand story.

Get Inspired

Please know that you can always go shopping if you feel inspired by one of our looks. Keep your receipts and packaging. We will neatly hide the tags during the shoot in the event you choose to return your purchases.

2. Makeup + Hair

Women’s Makeup + Skincare

Keep your look as simple as possible. Headshots and personal brand photography are not beauty or glamour portraits. The person in the photograph should represent you on your best day. Foundation must match the skin exactly. The face and body must be the same skin tone. Don’t overdo powder and never use translucent powder. Keep the texture of your skin even.

Makeup considerations for photography are influenced by the lighting used for the photoshoot. Our studio features professional strobes that allows us to sculpt the light with precision. Outdoor photography can use natural or ambient lighting. However, we love to bring our studio lighting to outdoor headshots to create that cover-worthy pop.

Avoid the spray tans and bronzers!! Your natural glow is going to be great!

Don’t forget your hands. Don’t go all out Claws. Simple French tips or one color nails are best. 

Women’s Hair Styling

Bring the items you use in your hair everyday if you want to try different looks. If you’re getting a new style or cut, do that a few days before your shoot. Get used to that look before your personal brand photography starts.

Men’s Grooming

We don’t recommend men wear makeup for headshots or personal brand photography. However, you should be well-groomed. Make sure your hair is clean and trimmed to your preference. Also, it’s always a great idea for men to get a manicure. Your hands will be featured in your photography.

3. How’s your health!?

Seriously, how do  you feel? Are you hydrating regularly? Stay well and don’t overextend yourself. Reduce stressors so that you can keep your energy up during the shoot. Read our Safe Portraits Protocol for COVID-19 for additional details.

4. Plan Your Day

Check your route, drivetime, and weather for the day of the shoot? There’s a Google Map on your Confirmation Page to help you arrive on-time and safely.

5. Take care of home.

Let your loved ones know exactly where you’re going to be and how long you’re going to be working. Check-in @MADEGRANDBYCAM on Facebook when you arrive. Share your location from your mobile device with your significant others.

6. Practice poise, posture, and presence. 

Emotive expression is so important to nailing your pose. Practice in your mirror and be mindful of your body posture, facial expression, and mood.

Immortal Styling Professional Headshot and Personal Branding Style Guide for Immortal Headshots by Cam Evans, MBA, Dallas- Fort Worth Photographer, MADEGRANDBYCAM mgxc.co/styling

Our Atelier

For your in-studio experience, the outside seasons don’t matter. Dress for the season you love versus the today’s forecast. When in doubt on what to wear, we encourage you to bring it. Finally, you should arrive dressed and ready to shoot.

Here are a few of the amenities in our studio:

  • We have a garment steamer to sort out any super wrinkles.
  • Private changing room
  • Free Guest Wi-Fi when you check-in on Facebook
  • Makeup Desk for Touch-Ups