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Nexus Sales Funnel Course

What is a sales funnel? Sales Funnels Course for Beginners layouts of the why, what, and how. You’ll be creating revenue-generating funnels in 30 days. Make your growth automatic with this free email course.

Sales Funnels for Beginners Course

Get your growth out of neutral

Get the missing pieces that are holding back your brand from geometric growth. Learn the secret sales strategies that turn websites into revenue-generating machines. Plus, how to properly “fake it before you make it.”

Free Step-by-Step Playbook

Skip the expensive, fail-fast experiments. Jump right to pulling the levers that open the floodgates for growth. Understand the strategic decisions and tactical steps you need to start winning. The Nexus Sales Funnel Course has you covered.

What You'll Learn in The Free Course

Sales Funnels Course for Beginners lays the foundation for sales funnel mastery. Learn the core elements every marketing funnel needs to motivate your Superfans to buy now.

Get the Internet-tested blueprint for crafting hypnotic offers for your physical and digital products. Create irresistible deals for your audience! 

Discover the 7 toxic pitfalls you must avoid to produce effective sales funnels (these can cost you “mucho dinero” in lost conversions.)

My secret arsenal for creating hero images and videos to motivate your superfans and dramatically increase the perceived value of your offer.

Use the simple curiosity-based headline formula to get more eyeballs on your offer pages. As a result, you’ll hook them until the end.

The unique hack you can use to get virtually unlimited organic traffic to your offers. Turn your website into a revenue magnet! much more

Every solopreneur deserves to grow. This no-bullsh!t sales funnel course gets you there.


Meet your sales coach

Cam Evans has helped hundreds of business owners and large enterprises build and scale their business workflows to achieve their goals, closed thousands of deals worth tens of millions of dollars, and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs.

More great books to help you rock the Casbah

Get the know-how and practical insights you need for 10X growth.

Attracting Your Superfans

Attract Your Superfans

Get the right traffic to your website with a clear focus on your ideal buyer. Meet your superfans.

The Right Message to the Right Person Every Time

The Right Message...

Master the power of audience segmentation for your promotions, advertising, and messaging.

Crafting Hypnotic Offer Funnels - Sales Funnels Course for Beginners - Additional Resources

...Hypnotic Offer Funnels

Don’t funk up your funnel with boring deals. Create offers so compelling they sell themselves.

Video-First Branding 101

Video-First Branding 101

Learn how one video can serve five different segments of your superfan audience. It’s easy to do.

Automation Declassified - Sales Funnels Course for Beginners -

Automation Declassified

Learn how the Fortune 50 motivate their best customers to buy often. Scale up your brand today.

Ascension: The Value Stairway

The Value Stairway

Are you serving your buyers at the highest level possible? Find the secrets hidden on the stairway.

Build Your World-Class Content Platform -

Build Your Content Platform

Only the most helpful content is worth publishing for your audience. Create what they’re looking for.

Capture More Leads with Personalization-Sales Funnels Course for Beginners - Additional Resources for Content Marketing -

Capture More Leads

One-size doesn’t fit anyone. Each buyer’s journey is unique. Create value at each moment of truth.

Surgeon of Conversions Surging

Surgeon of Conversions

Take a surgical view of your sales funnels. Small changes will yield incredible conversions rates.

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