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Creative for Immersive Engagement & Brand Stories


Living Portraits

Cinemagraph Portraits extend a moment with a bit a surrealism and whimsy.


Parallax Photography creates the effect of 3D space from a 2D image.

Motion Artistry

Plotagraphs are motion art from still images.

Immersive Panoramas

Immersive panoramas are created with a special camera to capture the world in 360° scope.

Portrait Projections

Portrait projections create an uncanny sense of life-like movement to still portraits.

3D Photography

Breakthrough the noise with our next generation of 3D and Mixed Reality Photography.


What is Immersive Photography

From Big Picture to Small Video

Motion picture photography takes on a whole new meaning in a mobile-first, video-first world. Cinemagraphs are leading the transformation.

Cinemagraph versus Plotagraph

What’s the difference between a Cinemagraph and Plotagraph? Because a Cinemagraph and Plotagraph are both motion pictures, they are often mistaken as being the same type of creative art. The simplest way to explain the difference between a Cinemagraph and a Plotagraph is the way the content is created. Cinemagraph images come from video footage. Plotagraph images are made from a still photography. These differences between Cinemagraphs and plotagraphs are significant. They impact the artistic direction and visual quality of the final work.

Now that we understand the differences between Cinemagraphs and plotagraphs, the obvious follow-up question is which is better? The best answer is simple and noncommittal—it depends.

A Cinemagraph has a hyper-realistic quality because it retains the visual elements of photograph with a subtle surreal element. The creation of a Cinemagraph is a planned work. It requires understanding your composition both from a cinematic storytelling perspective and from a still photography composition. It’s not an afterthought.

Conversely, any still image can potentially become a plotagraph. This includes old digital images before plotagraphs were possible. Plotagraphs breathe new life into still photography. Plotagraphs can be embrace hyper-surrealism or bring motion back to something that was previously still.

Cinemagraphs and plotagraphs are entirely new genre of photography that require planning for flawless execution. It’s not about which is better. It’s about telling a better story. Whichever approach provides the most engaging narrative is the one I choose.

Plotagraphs and Instagram

How do you add more variety to your Instagram posts?

Instagram is a great place to post plotagraphs. I use plotagraphs for my Instagram Stories and Posts. Instagram sees plotagraph posts as video content. This is a bonus. Increasingly, featured content on Instagram is in video format. Creating small-videos for motion art can be just as production-intensive as long-form video making. It is always smart to map out your content priorities and use plotagraphs to engage your audience and/or make your reposts of older content more engaging the second time around.

Plotagraphs and Personal Branding

What visual style can you add to your personal branding folio?

Plotagraphs breathe life into your personal brand photography. For our IMMORTALBRANDING clients, plotagraphs are used both for engagement and enhancing the visual brand story. In my experience, less is more when using a plotagraph for personal branding. Understanding how to incorporate plotagraph motion art in your brand is one of our specialties.

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