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Immortal Headshot Portrait Experience

Whatever you do, don’t make a boring headshot! We built the Immortal Headshot Portrait Experience based on our experiences. We recognize that you need more. Far too often, professionals seek headshot photography only to discover that they needed more than a portrait. For instance, a conference speaker needs a professional bio and signage that entices attendees to join their session. More so, creatives need an engaging CV that compels a hiring manager to choose them over other candidates. Sometimes, it’s just about having a transparent background for media channels or your website.

It’s no longer about online profiles and email signatures. Your Immortal Headshot is the introduction to your incredible story. Let’s build your brand and expand your legend. The Immortal Headshot Portrait Experience is about helping you to build your influence.  Let’s work together!


Headshot Experience Re-Imagined.

Different is Better Than Better.

We’re going to begin this conversation with a simple question: “Who are you seeking to influence?” The answer to that question will guide your Headshot Portrait Experience. We want to ensure we collectively understand your endgame.


Re-Imagine Digital. Profile pictures are table stakes. Elevate engagement.


Re-Imagine Video. Building your content marketing across media channels is Priority #1


Re-Imagine Print. Evolve print media for savvy consumers.


Re-Imagine Signage. Activate your tribe and create new conversions!

The Headshot Portrait Shoot

How long will my Headshot Portrait Experience be?

Your Immortal Headshot Portrait Experience is based on  your portrait outcomes. It’s not based on time. Once we have the creative necessary to produce the digital, print, video, or signage you need, the shoot is over. This can range from 15 minutes to a full-day. We’ll discuss your needs and create a time estimate based on your goals.

Do I only get digital editions of my Immortal Headshots?

Each Immortal  Headshot Package is unique. If you only need digital creative

How do I pay for my Immortal Headshot Portrait Experience?

We accept all major credits and cashier’s checks. You’ll pay for your creative session to reserve your shoot. You can securely complete your order online at MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM or in-studio during your initial consultation or post-production review.


How will I access my portraits after the shoot?

After your images are finalized, you will get your final prints in either digital, print, video, or signage form. Digital-only shoots will have access to an online gallery for 30-days. For a nominal fee, all creative can be stored online for a year at MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM

Can I have headshot done at my business location?

Absolutely. We love creating environmental portraits. Environmental portraits are ideal for building your Immortal Brand. They are a great way to invite clients into your culture and business.

Can I see my headshots during the portrait session?

Yes, this option is only available when you’re scheduled to shoot in our studio.

Do you shoot in natural light or in the studio?

Our studio has beautiful natural light and professional studio lighting. Additionally, our on-location shoots are often a combination of studio lighting and natural lighting to create a flawless look for you.

How many people do you shoot in a day?

Our reservations are generally between one and three clients per day. We’re focused on quality over quantity in every aspect of our production. Your Immortal Headshot is the top priority!

Professional Portrait Packages

Our contemporary portrait packages reflect the era we’re in. We’re constantly innovating and adding new options for our clients. Checkout the current Immortal Headshot Products.

Style Inspiration

What do I wear for my Immortal Headshot Experience? We’ve built our Pinterest Boards for you to get ideas based on your shoot and industry. Gather your inspiration.

More Inspiration

Immortal Branding

Legends Are Made. Influence at 100.

Your Immortal Headshot is an awesome start to building your brand and influence. So, keep going! Upgrade your Immortal Headshot Experience with Immortal Branding. Create content for your social calendar or build integrated cross-platform brand story. It’s time standout and rise above the competitive noise.

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