Building a creative business requires practical insights for delighting the modern consumer.

It would be redundant to tell you that business has changed. Truthfully, it’s still changing as we prepare for the third decade of the 21st Century. We know that it’s exciting and daunting to build and lead a creative business. Workshops|MADEGRANDBYCAM™ are designed to help you accelerate growth, delight your audience and clients, and master your craft to build value.

Cam Evans is a second-generation veteran educator with over two decades of world-class experience in training and education. He has transformed institutions large and small for the modern economy. His greatest delight is helping people crystallized their passion into actionable steps to achieve their goals. …You Ready for Growth!?

Workshops & Conference Series

Photography & Creative

Build your creative studio with a deeper understanding of how the right tools work together to make you more productive and maximize every investment to produce world-class prints and published works.

Branding & Strategy

Everything you’ve heard about branding is mostly bullshit. These workshops cut through the crap and help you focus your business on the most valuable aspect of your company–Your Story.

Keynotes & Talks

There are only a few compelling people that can inspire, challenge, and craft of vision of what’s possible for your life and business like Cam Evans. Come and see this grand experience.

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