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Fine Art Photography & Boudoir Workshop

Cam Evans Presents Nude Art Photography Class

On December 8, 2019, we’re hosting our MOMENTUM Event—Boudoir and Nude Art Photography Class featuring model Brennan Hill. This hands-on workshop covers everything from art to marketing. We’ve broken the workshop agenda into four critical components for folio building:

Lighting for Nude Art Photography

    • There are so many beautiful ways to light the human form for nude art photography. In this class, you’re learn hands-on lighting techniques for incredible looks.

Styling Your Nude Art Shoot

    • Our styling agenda focuses on makeup and hair, wardrobe and accessories, and set design for minimalism to contemporary styling.

Posing Your Fine Art Nude Clients

    • Directing your client doesn’t have to be hard. In this class you’ll learn flow posing methods to help you maximize the moment and keep your clients happy and beautiful!

Marketing Contemporary Fine Art Nude Photography

    • Your folio isn’t done until you have a product. We’re going to dive into the business of boudoir and branding. This capstone module will help you put your art into action for 2020!

The Learning Experience

We’ve designed workshop agenda to be high-value stand-alone modules. However, we’ve integrated each section into a hands-on experience so that you learn to produce incredible images for your clients and your folio. Photographers at all skill levels are welcome. The only item you’ll need to bring is your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Your camera must support hot-shoe flash to participate in the studio lighting portion of the workshop. Checkout our video to get an overview of this unique and beautiful photography class.

Get Your Tickets

For you convenience, we’ve made tickets for this fine photography workshop available on Eventbrite. However, you can securely purchase your ticket directly from MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM to avoid additional ticket processing fees from third-party platforms. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our MOMENTUM Event!

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