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Exclusively for women

Woman is the Super man

“I believe that woman is the final divine masterpiece.” ―Cam Evans.

Bodyscapism was created to celebrate woman at each incredible stage of her adult journey. Bodyscapism is a visual escape into the sensual and divine nature of woman.

As a luxury brand, Cam is highly-selective about the looks he creates for Bodyscapism. His vision for Bodyscapism is inclusive of the diversity of woman and represents the boundless nature of the female form.

A Uniquely Grand Experience
Impeccably Styled by Cam

Vintage & Modern Wardrobe Styling

There’s so much that goes into creating an amazing look. One of the dimensions that makes shooting with Cam exciting and rewarding is his sense of style. For women, Cam has created a comprehensive wardrobe collection to make virtually any look from any period possible. You can mix-and-match with your own wardrobe to ensure that each #MadeGrand shoot is unique from other photographers and stylists.

Beautifully Lit by Cam

With looks to kill competition

Cam brings a contemporary and dramatic flair to lighting that is a hallmark of his body of work. The studio has best-in-class professional lighting and production gear to create scroll-stopping and iconic looks for your model book. With Cam, shooting on-location or in-studio will create legendary images for your model book.

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CAM EVANS, Photographer/Owner

Dallas, Texas

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