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Modern Art Collection

Contemporary Portraiture Products & Print Packages

The culmination of our Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM experience is your Modern Art Collection. Our contemporary portraiture products and print packages have been carefully crafted and handpicked for your celebration of you. You’ll be proud to showcase your celebrated life as the centerpiece of your home or office.

Modern Art Collection

The Modern Art Collection is brings a timeless aesthetic to your Signature Portraits. We use metals and acrylics for our prints. Additionally, our bamboo prints provide more earth tones in your collection. These features are available in our wall art and album collections. Beyond our print packages, Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM includes cutting-edge digital products. We can hardly wait for your consult to share more. Let’s talk more. Make an appointment.

Signature Couples

Products and Packages

Contemporary Studio Photography with an Ultramodern Portraiture

New for 2020, Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM is introducing cinematic wedding videos for our destination wedding couples and elopements. Coming summer 2020, elevate your Signature Cinema Experience with our aerial wedding photography for your incredible day. Remember your love story with the cinematic scope of your favorite movies.  Your completed movie will be scored with a licensed soundtrack for you to enjoy with friends and family. Additionally, you have the option have  your movie available for live streaming in Signature Cinema Experience. Let’s talk more at  your consultation. Make an appointment today.

Signature Woman

Modern Woman Portrait Photography

Your Moment Never Needs to Fade

The Modern Woman deserves our contemporary portraiture packages the bring modern luxury to your collection. Our posh and bespoke albums and portrait books are like you, they are meant to be seen. And when being seen is the objective, you’re going to love our contemporary wall art that tells your story and celebrates your journey. When you subscribe to our VIP list, we can plan your gallery across time for each Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM collection we make for you. Plus you’ll get updates as we add new portraiture products & print packages into our Modern Art Collection. (maybe you noticed that’s CAM spelled backwards.)

Discover Bodyscapism

The Uncanny Woman's Portraiture Collection

Experience The Next Level of Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM

Before you say, I’m do. Experience Bodyscapism—we take our modern woman portraiture to “whole nutha level!” Your person will remember your long kiss goodnight forever with your Bodyscapism Portraiture.

Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM Fine Photography Collection

Celebrate You, Often

What are your indelible moments? The events that become milestones in your life’s journey. Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM celebrates your life’s indelible moments with fine portrait photography. Each experience is bespoke and creates reflections of the perfect moments in your life. Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM is available by appointment only. Book now.