Contemporary Fine Portrait Photography

Modern Couples Photography


A Bespoke Portraiture Experience to Celebrate Your Bae

Love never follows a pattern. There’s no recipe for perfect chemistry. You just love who you love. And somehow, it’s more than enough. That’s why we created our Modern Couples Photography for “ride or die” loves. It’s Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM for couples starting their own traditions on a whole nutha level! Our couples portrait experience is for runaway lovers, adventurous wanderlusts, marathon matrimony, and for the boo’d up. Cam brings his iconic, visual storytelling to your epic love poem. Our couples portraiture is infused with inspiration from the love songs that define your moments.  Let’s talk more. Make an appointment.

They Don't Know

Elopement Photography

Contemporary Studio Photography with an Ultramodern Aesthetic.

Experience Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM— from the moment you walk into our Dallas-based atelier, you know that this time is designed exclusively for you. It’s doesn’t have to be your birthday. You don’t need a promotion. You don’t a life change. We’re celebrating your best self in fine portraiture that lasts a lifetime!

On the Run

Wedding Adventure Photography

Your Moment Never Needs to Fade

Experience Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM— imagine your conceptual, fine portraiture experience! It’s not going to be the shoot we did last year. It won’t look anything like the experience we’re creating next week. You’d could shoot with us 100 times and always get something innovative and memorable with your Signature Collection.


Couples Anniversary Photography

Signature Collection is an Ideal Centerpiece for Your Art Gallery

Experience Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM—you’re going to love our modern fine photography style. The emphasis in each shot is you. Whether we shoot in our classic black-and-white or our vibrant dynamic color, you’re going to look amazing.

So Into You

Couples Lifestyle Photography

Savor Your Indelible Memories From Your Dream Destinations

Experience Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM—your elopement fine photography album will be the envy of your family and friends. Start your own modern traditions with your bespoke Signature Collection.

Fine Portraiture for the Uncanny Woman

Discover Bodyscapism™

Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice. You look like you could use a celebration of you! For the wondrous woman, Discover Bodyscapism. Create your very own fine portraiture collections for your every celebration of you and your womanhood. Bodyscapism is Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM.