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The 2021 Senior Pictures Experience

Fashion & Cinematic Senior Photography for Greater Dallas-Fort Worth

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Senior Pictures Experience - Styled Shoot Pre-Consultation

Again Congratulations! We want to give a glimpse of the journey we’re going to take for your Senior Pictures Styled Shoot Experience! During our initial conversation, we’ll share ideas and concepts for your shoot. We’ll cover the options for in-studio and on-location productions.  More than that, you’ll have a guide for your styling and wardrobe to complete your look.

Your Styled Shoot Experience will be scheduled two-to-four weeks after your initial consultation. This will provide you with an opportunity the acquire any additional production items needed for your shoot. You’ll reserve your shoot on our studio calendar and pay your full creative fee. We’ll be in regular communications as we countdown to your creative day!

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Senior Pictures Experience - Styled Shoot Creative Day

Our Senior Pictures Styled Shoot Days run like clockwork! Every moment of the shoot is planned so that we can optimize the production schedule to create the most amazing images for your collection. We want to maximize your time and let you have fun while we’re making your celebration a fantastic event!

We capture still and motion photography during every shoot. An entire “Making Of You” movie will be available for you. You’ll have the option to add our Cinemagic clips to your social feeds and stories.

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Senior Pictures Experience - Cinematic Trailer and Preview

When the principle photography shoot is complete, we’ll being the post-production phase of your Styled Shoot Experience. You’ll have a few things to do so that we can finish your collection on time. Firstly, you’ll be invited back to the studio for your collection preview. During that meeting, you’ll pick the final images for your Senior Pictures Experience collection. Plus, you’ll get access to your digital Stories to share on your social media.

At this stage, we know you’re excited to see your final images. We’re excited too! That’s why our packages include posts for your social feed so that you can start building anticipation for your final collection premiere. So that we can finalize your collection, you will make your final Senior Pictures Experience Styled Shoot payment.

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Senior Pictures Experience - Styled Shoot Grand Reveal!

Your Celebration of Wonder is a momentous occasion for you and MADEGRANDBYCAM! Now that your Style Shoot is complete, it’s time to let everyone know. For your World Premiere, we’ve got a red carpet Senior Pictures Experience for you.

After your global debut ends, don’t fret. Your Celebration of Wonder will last forever with our contemporary products and print packages. You’re going to love your modern acrylic and metal print collections. Your bespoke photo book will be a treasure for generations. Get ready to bask in your wonder!


Make Epic
Your Basic!

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Your Senior Portrait Shoot Is A Highlight Event!

Each year, we do a limited number of styled shoots for our Senior Pictures Experience. It’s important for us that your shoot be a boss-level event. The creative process is designed to make your Signature collection at contemporary aesthetic with timeless visual narratives. We’re excited to share this part of your journey. As you move forward in life, this is one experience that will be fun memory for your Senior Year!

As a bonus, when you become an MADEGRAND X2 Senior, you’ll enjoy our MGX2 Alumni Rewards for life. As you achieve your next milestone, we’ll be ready to help you continue your celebration of Wonder! Let’s do some epic!

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The Senior Pictures Experience is a celebration of senior high school student accomplishments and the transition to adulthood. The style shoot experience is conceptualized and shot in a high-fashion magazine and cinematic style. All of our shoots feature a movie making package to create assets for your home art collection and your epic social feed stories.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”How do I select the pictures I want in my Senior Pictures Signature Album?”]

You will have the opportunity to review your Senior Picture Experience portfolio at our in-studio post-production meeting. During the reveal, you can pick out the ultimate images from your magic making shoot!.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”How do I pay for my Senior Pictures Experience?”]

We accept all major credits and cashier’s checks. You can securely complete your order online at MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM or in-studio during your initial consultation or post-production review.
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As a bonus, you will get a “Making Of” movie to share on your social feed or stories. There are more options to take your “Making Of” movie to the next-level. We will discuss each option in detail at your Pitch Meeting!

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”What areas of the DFW Metroplex is the Seniors Pictures Experience available?”]

We are currently booking Senior Pictures Experience shoots for students in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, and Tarrant County. We do on-location outdoor and remote shooting in all cities in these counties. Our in-studio styled shoots are done in the MADEGRANDBYCAM Atelier!

Professional Photography

If you’ve never had a professional portrait experience, this Style Shoot Experience is purposefully designed to spoil you and raise your expectations. Who knows, it could be the last time your spoiled in your youth! So enjoy the Senior Pictures Experience MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Be Inspired

We’ve placed our Senior Pictures Experience Look Book and Pinterest Boards online so that you can draw inspiration for your own ideas. Use our site as a resource for photographic journey. Even if you’re not a MGX2 Senior, you’re welcome to come here to plan your cool ideas!

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