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The 2021 Senior Pictures Experience

Fashion & Cinematic Senior Photography for Greater Dallas-Fort Worth

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Congratulations! You’re about to graduate and go change the world! We’re proud of you. Welcome to the Senior Pictures Experience MADEGRANDBYCAM. Our next-generation senior portrait packages combine cinematography and stylized fashion to create an experience fit for a hip-hop mogul! If you’re ready for a senior photography experience that makes your peers a tad jelly, prepare to be—Not Sorry!

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Message us to get your senior photos scheduled with Senior Picture Photographer, Cam Evans*
*Tue-Fri, 10am-6pm CT
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You 2.0!

We’re throwing out the senior photographer rule book for North Texas. We’re creating senior photoshoots for the third decade of high school graduates. Those airy, blown-out pictures are last-gen. We’re creating artistic and cinematic concepts that are unique and urban. We’re celebrating the wonder of the kids who never wanted to fit in! You’re invited to join your celebration!

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Becoming  You, The Senior Pictures Experience


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“This was the most fun I’ve had for a photoshoot, Cam made me feel like I mattered and help me to see me—beautiful and fearless!”


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Senior Portrait Photographer”]
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Cam Evans is a sought-after, multi-published photographer. You can think of him as your Cinna, from the Hunger Games.

Katniss : So you’re here to make me look pretty.

Cinna : I’m here to help you make an impression.

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Next-Generation, Modern Senior Portraits


Age of Wonder!

Cam’s creates each senior photo shoot to celebrate the wonder of your years. He dedicates time with you to create your perfect moment. Your imagination is the limit. That’s the magic Cam burns into each incredible frame.

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North Texas is our home. And, the DFW Metroplex is our urban studio. We have favorite portrait locations in Colleyville, Flower Mound, Trophy Club, Southlake, Highland Village, and Keller area. Additionally, we love creating senior portraits in Grand Prairie, Arlington, and downtown Fort Worth. The Dallas Arts District is also another grand location for cinematic senior photo shoots.  Our on-location Senior Pictures Experience is amazing! That said, we create iconic wonders in our Dallas-based studio! So, the local weather and daylight are not factors in creating your cinema styled, senior portrait shoot.

Creating Timeless Art

Styling Your Shoot

Nothing echoes the times we live in more than our style. Let's capture your personal style and position you for the next stage of your adulthood. Whether your style is hip-street, glam-chic, athletic, or artistic, we will develop a shooting package that accentuates who your are.

Tell Your Story

Moments That Matter

Our studio can reserve your photo shoots so that your portraits are produced throughout the year. This gives you an opportunity to capture unique moments with friends and events a part of your keepsake collection.

Let's Celebrate Your Wonder

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Reserve Your Senior Pictures Experience Today

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