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Contemporary Fine Portrait Photography

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A Bespoke Portrait Experience to Celebrate Just You

Hey Girl! How long has it been since you had a real portrait of you. Wait, I’m not talking about those crazy eyes you made with your phone. I’m talking about a vivid reminder of your beauty, your power, and your majesty. Woman, it’s been too long! Let’s elevate your frequency with your Signature Modern Woman Collection. This the Modern Woman Fine Photography experience for DFW (Definitely a Fearless Woman!) You don’t need a special occasion or person to love yourself today. Make an appointment that you’ll never have to say sorry for making time for yourself.

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Surprise Your Person With Your Heartfelt Keepsake

Celebrate the day you met. Do something special to commemorate your first kiss. Even better, give the gift to remind your person that they are your safe place. Every moment of your Signature Modern Woman Experience is crafted for you to be powerful and fearless. Your fine portraiture collection will rekindle and remind your person of why you’re better together. Make an appointment to fulfill your #RelationshipGoals.

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The Joy Is In The Journey, Let's Celebrate It

When was the last time you laughed because you were the center of attention? Your sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed. Your hours; your hustle; your genius has been tremendous. It’s time to elevate your energy to a new level. Well, today you’re going to smile, blush, and laugh during your Signature Modern Woman Experience.  Imagine your perfect moment. We’re going to turn it up to 100. Make an appointment to be carefree for a little while.

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Break Into Your Next Level with a New Look and New Energy

I know you were checking yourself out in the mirror this morning. So, let’s make your beauty official with your Signature Modern Woman Collection. It’s time to start attracting the things and people you want in your circle. I know just the look to set your next level on fire! Make an appointment and we’ll discuss your new hotness!

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You Don't Have to Pretend Today, Just Come As You Are

So go ahead and put your phone on silent, vibrate, or do not disturb. Set your inbox to Out-of-Office. Make your appointment to escape reality for a little while. We’re going to reconnect you to the woman you imagined you’d always be. She’s still here—inside you. Let’s get her to come out and play during your Modern Mom’s Day-Off Experience. You can wear leggings or sweatpants to your shoot. Tell everyone you’re taking a portraiture spa day. Let’s get your Signature Modern Woman Experience on our calendars today.

Fine Portraiture for the Uncanny Woman

Discover Bodyscapism™

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of Fine Portraiture by Cam Evans, let’s go all-in. For the wondrous woman, Discover Bodyscapism. Create your very own ultimate fine portraiture collections for your every celebration of you and your womanhood. Bodyscapism is Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM.

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