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Celebrate Life. Celebrate Motherhood.

We love to honor the journey into motherhood. It’s a celebration that begins with an overwhelming sensation that you have created life. For some people, they know the moment of conception. For others, it’s the first heartbeat. Whenever reality hits you, we want to celebrate your new life with our fine art maternity portraiture in our Signature Mom-to-Beautiful Collection.  Cam brings his modern style, visual storytelling to your beautiful bump. Let’s talk more. Make an appointment.

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Contemporary Studio Photography with an Ultramodern Aesthetic.

Experience Signature Mom-to-Beautiful— from the moment you walk into our Dallas-based atelier, you know that this portrait experience is exclusively for you. Cam loves to photograph new moms between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy. We recommend you secure your reservation in your first trimester. By pre-booking your Mom-to-Be Shoot in advance, you will have the opportunity to schedule multiple shoots for your collection or just your awesome Bump! Let’s talk more more about your fine art maternity photography. Make an appointment.

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Because Motherhood is Eternal

Our fine art maternity photography shares the same distinctive styling as our Signature Woman Collections. The Signature Mom-to-Beautiful provides a wonderful opportunity for you to document your motherhood journey. We can schedule multiple sessions to create stylized maternity vignettes. We love making each Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM shoot a unique and bespoke portrait experience.  Having a baby is an epic life event. Let’s make your modern art maternity portraiture equal to your motherhood. Make an Appointment.

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Signature Collection is an Ideal Centerpiece for Your Art Gallery

Experience Signature Mom-to-Beautiful—you’re going to love the styling for your modern motherhood fashion shoot. We have beautiful and sexy maternity gowns that are ideal for your styled shoot. Professional hair and makeup is available as add-on to take your portraits to the next level. Whether we shoot in our classic black-and-white or our vibrant dynamic color, you’re going to look amazing.

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gradient_text heading_tag=”h5″ color=”extra-color-gradient-2″ gradient_direction=”diagonal” text=”Couples Maternity Fine Portraiture”]

Celebrate Indelible Moments From a Shared Journey

Experience Signature Mom-to-Beautiful—bring your partner to your shoot! Make memories together for your incredible journey into motherhood. Create your own modern art collection with your bespoke Signature Collection.

Fine Portraiture for the Uncanny Woman

Discover Bodyscapism™

Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice. You look like you could use a celebration of you! For the wondrous woman, Discover Bodyscapism. Create your very own fine portraiture collections for your every celebration of you and your womanhood. Bodyscapism is Signature MADEGRANDBYCAM.

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