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Starting Your Personal Brand Transformation

Don't Make Posts, Make an Impact.

Starting Your Personal Brand Legend

Establishing your personal brand legend doesn’t end with your portrait experience. In fact, it’s only the beginning. MGXC Products and Printing offerings elevates your personal brand photography with a full suite of publishing options. We’ve built bespoke print assets, signage, packaging and more by profession. Additionally, Immortal Branding Transmedia integrates your narrative create stories for audience engagement and immersive experiences. Beyond, the fancy adjectives, we want to help you tell stories that dazzle, delight, and convert.

Next-generation Personal Branding

Cinemagic Studios is our creative brand for the next-generation of content marketing assets. We build rich experiences for mixed reality and provocative narratives.

Build Your Personal

Brand Photography Folios

Transform your personal brand with a folio of custom stock photography for your business, products, and culture.
Forget Fame, Be Known

Establishing Your Personal Brand Dominance In Oversaturated Markets

Lifestyle Portraits

Building your personal brand takes more than headshots. Our lifestyle folio brings your audience into your culture.

Develop Brand Consistency

Becoming known requires consistency. As your build your personal brand, will ensure you have a coherent and consistent look..

Content Marketing

Developing a content marketing plan is critical for establishing your personal brand. We help you build a plan and a calendar.

Engagement Analytics

We don't post content for likes. We create content for conversions. We'll teach how to measure what matters.

Grow Organically

Every platform is different. Your content needs to reflect the engagement culture of that platform to be effective. Discover how with us.

Go Build Your Tribe

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using MADEGRANDBYCAM.


$ 1,950*

  • Social Content Plan
  • Five Day Portfolio
  • Content Scheduling
  • Multiplatform Content
  • Engagement Analytics
Book Startup


$ 2,750*

  • Social Content Plan
  • Ten-Day Portfolio
  • Content Scheduling
  • Cross-Platform Optimization
  • Engagement Analytics

Book Growth


$ 4,750*

  • Social Content Plan
  • 30-Day Portfolio
  • Content Scheduling
  • Cross-Platform Optimization
  • Engagement Analytics
Book Optimize
Crossplatform Engagement

Personal Brand Transmedia Storytelling

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