I went broke to buy my first Chinon 35mm camera in 1992. That’s how much passion I have for doing creative work. Twenty-five years later, I’m still doing creative work and pushing visual boundaries. As of today, Made Grand By Cam, LLC is a member of the American Photographic Artists (APA) to continue this grand tradition of image-making.

American Photographic Artists is a leading national organization run by and for professional photographers. APA is a vibrant professional community for cooperation, sharing, and support. APA provides an opportunity for MGXC to mentor and develop visual artists that are just beginning their journey. Even more, the APA community enables new connections for veteran photographic artists transitioning to greater heights.

I’m humbled and eager to connect and create with a community of artists, designers, and image-makers. This begins a great journey.

By the way, I’ve already used my APA Benefits to save me from going broke again.



Storyteller in Light ⁞ Image Alchemist

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