Over the years, I have had many models in front cameras. I would estimate that I have had equal share of those who are professionals and are easily self-directed to those that are new and still growing in their craft. Regardless of the level experience, I have always found each session fun and memorable. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate more and more than everyone has an inherent beauty about them. As an artist, it’s my responsibility to reveal that beauty in a way that’s pleasing and/or intriguing to my audience. This grand revealing is a dance between two creatives—the one behind the camera and the one before the camera.

Mastering the Look

One of the things that I look forward in a new models portfolio is diversity.

Are all the images the same?

Were they made by the same photographer?

Are they all outside? Are they all inside?

Do they all have the same makeup and hair styling? Is the wardrobe selection a common thread?

Are they editorial shoots, documentary, lifestyle, fashion, or glamour?

Do they express the same emotion state or are the emotions varied to fit the mood of the lighting and the scene?

There is so much more…to ensure that the model portfolio goes beyond simply capturing an image. Every model should have a Look Book that showcases their range of talent and looks. This is an opportunity to be daring and work with a variety of professionals to ensure that you are building a portfolio that represents the looks you can create and the one’s you simply love!



Storyteller in Light ⁞ Image Alchemist

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