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A Tribute to a Life of Love, Creativity, and Indelible Moments with Stormi Leigh Nicoson

I could write, film, and score countless movie scripts on just one week in our lives. Our stories are always sexy with layered plots, exciting turns, and captivating heroes and villains.  It’s been one helluva roller coaster ride or die with Stormi Leigh Nicoson. This tribute is how my life with this phenomenal woman pulled things out of me that I didn’t know were in me. She helped me to access my greater self, fully harness my gifts, and build something amazing together.

Leigh has been my constant source of inspiration, encouragement, and challenge for my curious and creative soul. Now, I want you to know the secret origins of why everything I do is MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Who Is Stormi Leigh to Cam Evans

Leigh is my muse. Incidentally, I’m the only person that calls her Leigh. We fell deeply in love. We are the reason Facebook has a complicated relationship status. She is my person, my family, my lover, my heartache, and my BeyoncĂ©. Stormi Leigh Nicoson has always been and forever will be my Number #1 True Fan.

Why Am I Writing This Now

Recently, Stormi and I decided to take a break in our relationship. But isn’t this a tribute to her?

Yes, It is.

I know you’re going to ask, “why did our relationship end?” Great characters need motivation to drive the action of the story. So, I’ll tell you why.

We had both a figurative and literal hole in our relationship. We both caused it. We put off repairing the breach because we were the only ones who knew about it. It wasn’t something that would ever be seen by anyone. However, like all delayed maintenance or repair jobs, procrastination can lead to something more devastating and costly.

The Gravity of Our Situation

Welcome to the year two-thousand and one score. Before 2020, we were okay letting things slip through the cracks. However, 2020 turned those cracks in a black hole. If you understand the gravitational pull of black holes, this year sucks.

However, as we part ways, I want to take advantage of this time of transition. We have a new year coming, new president, new vaccines, and new opportunities to really escape the gravity of this black hole. More importantly, I’ll get to repair the literal hole before the new year begins. Sometimes, you need a break to reassess the damage and do appropriate remediation.

Our future relationship status is unknown. However, we are forever linked in the fabric of the interwebs by this ode to My Great Love.  We are considered lucky to have loved and been loved once in a lifetime. I want to acknowledge and celebrate the collateral beauty of our life together.

Allow Me to Introduce

I want you to meet my Stormi Leigh Nicoson – the Muse that inspired my music, created our indelible moments, helped me build MADEGRANDBYCAM, and the creative work we made together.

The Muse

It’s rare that you meet someone that inspires both the art and the artist. It’s a unique chemistry for any two people to have and actually do something with it. Stormi inspired me to expand and take bold actions. Beyond music and photography, she wanted me to be more transparent and vulnerable in my branding. She encouraged me to take my guard down and let people see a little more of the side of me that she adored.

That request was always a challenge for me. I am a private person. I use social media with intention and not for attracting attention. I’m more introverted than most people realize and draw my inspiration from my private time and a tight-knit group of people. So, it is a stretch for me to be publicly vulnerable. In fulfilling her last request of me, I’m sharing this tribute and her final influence in my writing.

Becoming a Portrait Photographer

When I first started photographing Stormi, I was good. I used natural light. I had great compositions. She is an amazing and energetic model who made creating moments with her part of her charms on me. As we made more portraits together, we continued to push the creative boundaries to build more interesting work.

I’m a Sony Alpha shooter. When I began to experiment with flash photography, I used a Nikon Speedlight. Oh My Goodness, everything was random with that speedlight. Somedays we got great shots. Most days we got blinded by the light. These photography failures caused me to go back to school and learn and master off-camera flash. Stormi was always in the trenches with me mastering my craft and testing new gear. This creative partnership is what gave me the courage to move from a serious photography enthusiast to a multi-published, award-winning, professional boss photographer! Yeah, I said it.

When you tell me your images look amazing, you should thank Stormi Leigh Nicoson. She’s always been my best kept secret.

The Portfolio of Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Many of these images have never been published anywhere. Not all of them were taken with my professional cameras. They aren’t meant to be perfected works. They are selected works because they mean something deeper to me. The really great images…I’ll continue to keep in the Batcave computers for years to come. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my Love Leigh.

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Stormi Leigh Nicoson

The Music

My solo music career started in 1993. I went from being called “Cam” to being known as “GRAND CAM.” It was a moniker that was given to me by a great friend and it stuck. I wrote, produced, published, and released two singles. I have a vast catalog of unpublished music.

In 1995, I released, “All Day Long.” Later that same year, I would forego musical endeavors to focus on building a family. I gave up the music business. Until, I met Leigh.

Leigh’s passion for contemporary music rivals my own. When she realized I was a songwriter, she had an appetite to hear more. However, I hadn’t recorded any new music since 1995. I went back into the lab and began to produce new work for the first time—just for her ears to listen. Now, you’re going to hear that music for the first time.

MOS GRAND MUSIC inspired by Stormi Leigh Nicoson

Your love kills me

The first track I produced for Leigh was titled because she would always say to me, “You’re killing me, Smalls!” It’s a popular line from the movie Sandlot, which I have yet to actually watch. Love requires a little death everyday to bring new life to a relationship.

Morning Routine X

This was the follow-up track I produced for Leigh. Like most couples, we had rituals. Back then, my weekly schedule was so random, that my morning routines were always a variable. Yet, we always stole moments for each other.

Beach Bombing

I love the guitar sample on this track. It was one of the few that I would actually record lyrics. The other thing that was special about this track is that it was one of the first holidays we took together to the beach.


HERCOOLEIGHS would be the first track that was named for Stormi Leigh Nicoson. It wasn’t my best work. But it had this strange vibe that just kept me curious to know what was going to happen next. That’s the spirit of our relationship.

Show Me Lovely

This song contains a sample from my favorite love song of all time. I chopped it, looped it, and added new music. I wrote this love ballad just for Love Leigh.  Enough said.


Villains represents an evolving shift in the tone of my music, the cover art, and the beginning of the my return to photography. It’s a haunting and infectious track.


This is not the first break in our relationship. During one of those breaks, I put the whole thing to music. This track makes you think I was out partying and having a good time on that break. I don’t remember what actually happened other than the music.

How Do You Know How It Feels (to be in love)?

Leigh was completely the inspiration for this song. All I can say is just listen.

World’s Greatest Dick – Extended Mix

This is a bit of inside love talk and a celebration of one of our comic book movie heroes—BATMAN.

2AM Training (REMIX)

I started writing songs before trap music emerged. However, we listened to a lot trap music artists on our playlist. So, I started do some experimentation with one of our favorite movies about a handsome, devilishly charming middle-age black man who is secretly in love with a beautiful young Puerto Rican woman.

Chris Brown – Grass Ain’t Greener – [extended MOS remix]

Leigh encouraged me to take on a harder challenge with my trap music production. Enter Breezy. I remixed a song about ending a relationship and hoping to find a better situation with someone else. It would become my most streamed track to date. Today, I would call that irony.

I am the man (Do you know?)

The cover art for this song, Leigh helped me to create. That day with her was so incredible that I had to write a song about it. You want to hear it? Well, here it go!

Everything I Need to Know

This was a ballad I wrote for Leigh. It’s a song about two people who already know all the good, the bad, the ugly, and incredible things about each other. Overwhelmed with all of this knowledge, they choose to love each other!

Walk With Me (Take My Hand) – Instrumental

The last song I wrote for Stormi Leigh Nicoson is Walk With Me. It contains another sample from a song I loved growing up. It’s about a man who doesn’t always show how much he loves his woman. He doesn’t brag or boasts. He is very low-key and does everything else to show love. However, towards the end, he realizes that he needs to show the world just how much he loves her.

Another special note: When I played this song for my mother, she immediately loved it. She wondered what was my inspiration for using this sample. As it turns out, the original version of the song was the first record my father bought for my mother. Generations later, that music would be inspiration for my last ballad for my Love Leigh. Enjoy.

What I Want For Stormi Leigh Nicoson

What I want for my Love Leigh is for her to own her happiness and prioritize it. Not in a selfish or self-serving way, but to limit outside influences on her happiness from family, friends, or colleagues. Let nothing external modulate your mood.

Everyone is not entitled to your energy. Very few people can handle your unbridled spirit. Just love yourself better.

Finally, I have always asked for you to be honest with me. Now, I only ask that you be even more honest with yourself in every situation. Use that honest assessment to choose the better path for you. I know that you’ll always find your way home when you do.

Gratitude is Too Small a Word

It is important for me to memorialize this moment. Mark it. For Leigh and I, it has been our tradition to celebrate the 24th of every month. So, this is both a tribute and a celebration of who you are to me and everything you will always mean to me. I’ve never had anyone inspire so much in so short a time.

I don’t think I ever said “thank you” or expressed my gratitude in the moments that mattered enough. As I reflect on that, my own creative arrogance led me to believe that it was all me and all my doing. The honest truth is these works wouldn’t exists without Leigh. I should have given Stormi more flowers. So I want this tribute to be an eternal rose for our incredible life together.

Stormi Leigh Nicoson is absolutely “Amazing!” As her partner, supporter, cheerleader, and champion over the last six years, I’ve seen firsthand the favor of God on her life. I’ve witnessed how whatsoever she puts her mind and hand to do it prospers. As a result, the business she runs is one of the top performers in this region of the nation.

I’m so proud of her. I’m glad that I’m a part of Herstory as much as I’m thankful she’s been the keystone in mine.

The Next Genesis

Everything ends, especially good things. Now, new influences will shape my work and my company going forward. That’s very exciting. Lessons taught and learned with Stormi Leigh will continue to echo across time and space for MADEGRANDBYCAM. They will fuse and be remixed with something new and unknown. That prospect is both intoxicating and ripe with allure.

The Year 2020 was supposed to be the birth of incredible vision and prosperity for everyone. It’s truly the year of the rat! But, let’s be honest. 2020 was a complete shit-show from start to finish. Fortunately, everything ends.

Now we rebuild, recover, restore, reset, and reposition for the third decade. It’s also important that we remember. Remember that our lives are not our work, our jobs, our companies, nor our legacies. Life is what happens when it’s shared with another soul.

I have had the privilege of three great romances in my lifetime. They each deserve their own movie and I am going to work with Tyler Perry Productions on one of them. Stay tuned. Still, I must state that this third and possibly final great love has all the charms a human could ever want in a lifetime.

For my reader, I pray that you have the blessing, pleasure, and stamina to play one of the roles Leigh and I played for each other. Neither one of us are the same person we were when we met. We both have grown in more ways that we could have anticipated or planned. She became a successful business woman. I became the creative business. Find and follow your muse. Who knows what dreams may come.

Before I Let You Go

“Don’t say goodbye, say ‘Goodnight'” is a lyric from one of my favorite ballads by Blackstreet. Leigh and I saw Blackstreet’s founder and super producer, Teddy Riley, performing live in a front row concert. It’s the sentiment of that song and this lyric I end this tribute to Stormi Leigh Nicoson.

Leigh, what I say next you already know deep in the marrow of your bones and in the fibers of your being. Now, our whole little blue-green planet knows.

I Love You Completely and I Will Always Love You Better.

My passenger seat still has your glow and glitter all over it and it shall remain.

Enjoy your Next Genesis.

Until we meet again as strangers…do it Love Leigh’s Way Everyday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your(e) amazing,




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