How to Improve Your Online Dating Profile for Woman

10 Keys to Upgrade Your Online Dating Profile for Women

My first 24 hours on Tinder were quite illuminating. Firstly, online dating is highly competitive and very binary. It’s competitive because your profile is just a drop in a sea of people looking for their ideal match. Moreover, people choose to like your profile by swiping right or reject by swiping left. There is no maybe later column. It’s either yes or nope!. This is what the human race has come to in the third decade of the 21st Century. From a professional photographer’s perspective, I want to share 10 keys to upgrade and make your online dating profile more attractive for women seeking a match!

#10 Use A Real Photo Of Yourself.

Seriously, you would think this would be obvious. Yet, I saw profiles that were just blank tiles. Lisa posted a photo of her cat staring into the camera. No other photos. Just a cat. Who’s going to date a cat? We swiped left on Lisa with extreme prejudice. Yani posted inspirational quotes for every tile. However, she didn’t post a single portrait. Some people are sapiosexual. Yani may be fishing in the wrong pond for a match.
Tinder is a very visual platform. Potential suitors make decisions on your profile picture in less than a second. If your first photo isn’t a cover-worthy, scroll-stopping knockout, you’ve just lost another potential match. Upgrading your online dating profile portraits is the first step to attracting more likes. With more likes, you have the opportunity to find more matches. More matches equals more conversations. Those conversations will get you out of the house on your date. So, let’s get a real photo on those profiles.

#9 Selfies Are Horrible for Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers.

According to Tinder, over 50% of it’s dating community are Gen Z, age 18-25. Gen Z singles are masters of the selfie. They intuitively understand how to get the best light, angles, and full-length photos using a smartphone without looking like a dork. In contrast, Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers are not intentional in their smartphone photography. So many pictures are too pixelated, overexposed, underexposed, or just plain bad. These same photos would be fine on your Facebook feed with friends. However, if you want to standout from the rest of your peers and the Gen Z selfie masters, you must up your game.
If you have a DSLR camera, you can use your phone to make amazing self-portraits.  You can use a camera remote, your smartphone, or a smartwatch to make better self-portraits. Additionally, a simple tripod for your phone and a small light will give your photos that extra punch to put you on top. It’s worth the time and investment to find your match.

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#8 Don’t Use Photos With Your Kids on Your Dating Profile

We love our kiddos. They mean the world to us. For single parents, starting a romantic relationship is a super big deal. That being said, don’t put your kids in your dating profile photos. The reason is simple. You need to find a match for you first. You’re going to need time to figure out if a match for you is a match for your children. If you’re co-parenting, you may need even more time to figure out how that match is going to integrate into your extended family.
Keep it simple. Get the match. Start the conversation. Get a date. When the time is right, introduce your new companion to your kids.  This is the competitive world of online dating. You need every advantage to get your match into your life. You can focus on building a family later.

#7 Frame Your Compositions

No. 7 seven is related to No. 9. There are so many photos of cropped heads, faces, chins, and limbs. All of these poor compositions robs the brain of critical information. As a result, these images force the brain to think to fill in the blanks. In reality, no one is trying to fill in your missing information. If you make your match think, they are going to swipe left—NOPE!
If you want a great reference for developing your compositions, look at magazine covers when you’re buying groceries. Follow local photographers on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, look at the cover art for albums on Pandora or Spotify to get your creativity going. You know what images are compelling to you. Start making those images to improve your online dating profile.

#6 Lose the Group Shots On Your Dating Profile

No. 6 is borne out of my long history with data privacy. Group shots violate the privacy of everyone besides you in the shot. Regardless of whether or not they are colleagues, friends, or family members, they generally never consented to being on your dating network profile. Moreover, with facial recognition, they can easily be identified by strangers they never had any intention of meeting.
Some people censor their group shots by cropping or adding a face cover to every image. I’m glad to see you’re down with protecting O.P.P (other people’s privacy.) The downside is that it adds noise and distractions to your photo. Finally, group shots make it difficult to determine who’s profile is it. Group shots can show the diversity or homogeneity of your community. If you want to share that perspective, I suggest you connect your Instagram to your profile.

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#5 Use a Professional Retouch Artist.

If I see another portrait with BIG EYES, I’m going to unplug the planet from the Internet. Who told you that made you look cute? It doesn’t. Unless your match is Fox Mulder, no one wants to date an extraterrestrial looking creature. Stop it! Wrinkles are ok. Stop smoothing your skin to the point of plastic. A professional retouch artist can make your portrait beautiful and still look natural. There are plenty of algorithms and apps to offer a quick portrait retouch. They are all worthless. Retouching is a discipline and an art form. Less is always more for your dating profile.

#4 Write a Short Bio on Your Dating Profile

Your photos are the teaser opener. For the interested match, your bio is the closer. Your dating profile bio is the best place to showoff your brainy wit and charm. If you’re a mom, put it in your bio. If you’ve never had kids, put that in your bio. The main consideration for your bio is to make an invitation to swipe right to like. The keyword is invitation. That means it should be inviting. So how do you make your bio more inviting?
Firstly, reduce all the negative language and tones in your bio. If you’re divorced, you’re still single. So lead with single mom versus “divorced,” single mom. Simply adding the word “divorced” suggests that’s how you see yourself. It connotes that you’re looking backwards at the last relationship versus forward to the next love of your life. Lastly, lose all of the preconditions and rules. You can tell your match that you’re not interested in hookups or being friends with benefits. Additionally, if you don’t want to text, state you want to go out more than talk. This is your invitation for your ideal match. It’s not the rules you made in the horrible aftermath of the last person you dated. Lighten up or they’ll swipe left.

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#3 Post Photos to Attract Who You Want

Your online dating profile photos tell the story of the life you want to share. If you want to share a boring life, you can share all of those photos you took from your overworked life. You want a baby daddy? Share all of those photos with your kids. If you want a life of adventure, share those pictures you made in Abu Dhabi. You want someone to see the sensual wonder you are? Those selfies in your cluttered bedroom mirror are really going to get your match swiping left!
Tinder provides you with nine tiles that you can post your photos. Some dating networks provide a gallery of 26. Regardless of the number, use them strategically to make your profile standout and your invitation the must-attend event.

#2 Use Your Profile Gallery to Tell Your Story.

Tinder recommends posting at least four photos to your online dating profile for women. Following No. 3, use a great closeup beauty headshot that fills the frame with your face, a second top body shot, the third shot is full-length body shot, and the fourth shot can be a sitting portrait or a day-in-life action shot. The remaining five portraits can be selfies from your adventures and your #stayathome situation. No matter your approach, I recommend that you use all of your photos for maximum effect. The more time your potential match spends on your profile, the more likely they are interested in you.
Another overlooked tip is that you can change your photos periodically. Delete older photos and post new ones that update your story. Your match may have accidentally swipe left on your profile. Tinder will show it again and your new photos will be just thing to get you that Super Like!

#1 Hire a Professional Photographer

If you can do the first 9 on your own, you’re already set to find your match. Congratulations. If you’re struggling, you should hire a professional photographer to create your dating profile portrait portfolio. A mix of professional portraits and selfies also communicate that you’re serious about dating and that you’re a real person. Plus, your profile will be more competitive against all of those young, pansexual Gen Z hotties. You’re not buying photography. You’re creating an invitation for your ideal match to become the love of your life. We’re not built to be alone. Companionship is always worth it.

You’re Invited to Upgrade Your Online Dating Profile

Book our portrait experience for online dating profiles for women. We make portraits that tell your story and make you more attractive to find your soulmate. You can start getting more likes and more dates from your ideal match for cuffing season. Let’s do epic work together.

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on an online dating profile? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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