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Heat, a Contemporary Portrait Photography Essay

Have you ever experienced the Texas heat? It’s a phenomenon. That heat is only rivaled by the phenomenal woman of Texas. She’s always at the top of her game. She literally brings the heat. That’s why, Heat is the inspiration for our next Her wonder Contemporary Portrait Photography Experience for Her.
For the Heat portrait photography experience, I develop an entirely new portrait development methodology. The inspiration was drawn from the barely visible vapor trails that emanate from hot Texas highways during the summer. Moreover, I reflected on how the Kinect sensor for Xbox One creates heat maps on your body to determine your heart rate and temperature. Finally,  Heat has motion. So, the final product isn’t just a still portrait. I added visual effects from my cinematography cache to add heat to the final presentation.

Heat by Cam Evans

Re-Imagine the Sensual Nude Silhouette

Nude silhouette photography is a signature style for me. Heat re-imagines the modern silhouette. At first glance, it’s a striking and colorful portrait. Traditionally, nude silhouette photography is black and white. Black and white creates a clean, cold, and minimalist aesthetic. The Heat Contemporary Portrait Series is bold and vibrant. Life is rarely black and white. Personally, I prefer the Heat over the cold any day of the week. How about you?
The second stylistic note for this Her wonder Collection is the signature golden negative space counterbalancing the warm highlights and deep shadows on Her skin. This is isn’t your typical portrait experience. This is for the woman who’s not merely drawn to the fire. In fact, She is the flame.

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Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer
Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer

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