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According Facebook Research, video will become the dominate content form for mobile devices by 2021. We’re less than a year a way from that reality. As video becomes more interactive, we can create effective calls-to-action (CTA) and audience engagement. Brand ENGAGE produces actionable video and rich media content for transmedia storytelling. Each content piece is tied to your CTA strategy to drive conversions.

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Elevate your audience engagement with immersive video and photography from our Cinemagic Studio.
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Creative Director

Whether we are shooting on-location, in-studio, or creating composites on our green screens; your audience is going to be engaged with your story.

Mixed Reality Stories

The next-generation of storytelling isn't 2D. Our production assets allow you to bring your brand stories to new creative experiences.

Previz and Narrative Development

Before we commit resources to a production schedule, we start with project previsualization to crystallize the production vision for your brand,

Optimize for Mobile and SEO

Get your video across all channels requires optimization for mobile, tv, consoles, desktop, social, and search. We got you covered.

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Video engagement is on the rise. We build content plan that enable you to rise with an integrated crossmedia narrative.

Create Your Legend

Visit our atelier and discover our Cinemagic Studios. Your Personal Brand Transmedia Stories are just the beginning!

Cinemagic StudiosImmortal Branding Transmedia

$ 5,800*

  • Brand Narrative Development
  • Storyboarding and Previsualization
  • Video and Media Production
  • Visual FX Creative
  • Media Hosting
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Our Cinemagic™ Studios is a creative powerhouse for your immersive narrative development. We provide unparalleled production value for your video projects and budget. Let’s tell your epic brand story.

Immersive Narratives for Personal Branding

Don’t create content in a vacuum. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive content marketing plan and engagement strategy to convert browsers into your true fans!

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