Made Grand By Collectif

Innovation Through Creative Collaboration

The French word, “Collectif” means a group of people who assemble for a specific time to create something new and disband. Our Collectif is focused on making something grand and amazing for our clients and professional models their respective audiences will desire!

Join the Collectif

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Seeking Theatrical

Makeup Artist

Getting the image right in camera begins with a great a foundation...a little blush...some eye know the drill! Send a link of your folio or come build one with Cam.

Seeking Out of this World

Body Paint Artist

The human body is both universe's greatest work of art and the purest canvas for creating exceptional beauty. We have some innovative projects coming up that you could be fantastic collaborator.

Seeking Incredibe

Hair Stylists

Style can change with the time of day, the season, or the era. We're looking for Stylists that can transport our clients and models through time. Send us your book and let's make something incredible.

Seeking Trendsetting

Wardrobe Stylists

Moods. Moments. Events. They all require a look that tells a story without speaking a word. If you have an eye for style, let Cam know.
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Seeking World-Class


As Master P suggests, ``Make 'em say, 'Uhhh, Na Na Naa!'`` If you can create something that leaves people speechless or speaking in tongues, let's work together!
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Seeking Intuitive

Production Assistant-Intern

You're already a creative force. You need an outlet to develop your creative voice and learn the business of making something from nothing. Come join us.

Creative Opportunities

MADEGRANDBYCAM, LLC is a modern creative studio. We're looking for exceptional talent that have an intuition for what's next and innovative resourcefulness. Whether you're collaborating with us for a special project or interning, you're going to have fun making someone's story grand!

MGX2 Senior Student Intern