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Cam Evans is an accomplished photographer and a personal brand maven who helps makers, moms, moguls, and creative business owners transform their brand to make meaningful connections with their clients, tribes, and fans. As a photographer, Cam captures the magic from the moments that move people. As an educator, he develops and delivers workshops and courses that provide fuel for creatives to bring momentum to their brands that transcend crowded and supersaturated markets.

MADEGRANDBYCAM, LLC provides still and motion photography for conspicuous people that want their brands to be just as bold and brilliant as they are. Cam fondly refers to these innovative minds as “kinfolk”.

MADEGRANDBYCAM has an extensive creative brand folio that enables more strategic services to key commercial and retail audiences.


May 2017


Dallas, Texas, USA

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Epic photography & fuel for Creatives

MADEGRANDBYCAM is ultra-modern atelier

with a comprehensive suite of creative disciplines

Portrait Photography

Professional Portraits, High School Seniors, Unconventional Families

Personal Branding

Elevating the stories that creatives were born to tell

Visual Content Marketing

Create scroll-stopping visuals that produce desired action

Transmedia Campaigns

Set your brand even further apart from the crowd

Wall Art and Professional Prints

Legacy comes from heirlooms passed down, not pixels downloaded

Influencer and Model Folios

Cover-worthy model book photography

Workshops & Events

Hands-on immersive experiences and action-oriented learning

SEO and Audience Strategy

It takes more than keywords to build traffic to your door.

Immersive Video and AR/VR

Next-generation video and experience creation.

E-Commerce Enablement

Build a digital business that engages your modern customers where they are.

Fine Art Portraits

Fine photography  for the uncanny woman

Brand Strategy

Overwhelm the competition every time you wow your customer!


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Quality Over Quantity

MADEGRANDBYCAM creates authentic connections and engagement across our channels.


Over 200 engaged followers and growing on our business page.


Growing true fans and followers with authentic conversations on innovation, photography, and business.


Super active monthly viewers of our inspiration and musing for photography, design, and maker spaces.

YouTube Channel

New channels and playlists that keep our followers and viewers engaged.


Over 20% average daily engagement from our followers and growing with Stories and our IGTV Channel.


Our LinkedIn channels are for engaged business professionals with over 1000+ followers

Professional Growth + Learning

The Momentum Decade.

The next ten years will be the transformative.

It takes momentum to transcend.

Cam Evans has incredible clarity of vision for the opportunities that come from innovative disruption. Momentum was created to provide immersive learning and inspired strategy to help creatives and independent firms thrive in the next decade.

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Headshots & Executive Portraits

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Download Headshot Portraits
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